Hurley Tough

Relentless Progression
Certified Personal Trainer
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Your first session is FREE!

Contact me for your life changing consultation and we'll get started as soon as possible. I've NEVER turned down a client who is serious about improving their body and mind. Together we'll figure out the best strategy to get you the results you deserve. If you want to bring a friend or two or three I can accommodate small group training as well.

Mike Hurley has been a personal trainer for 30 years. His certifications include ACSM, NSPA, EFTI, ISMA, AAAI, AFPA. Mike has trained tv celebrities, professional athletes, college all-americans, ncaa champions as well as professional fighters. But his greatest satisfaction comes from training men and women who want and need a change in their lives.

"I will design each workout to deliver the best possible result to the individual client I'm training. That's different from a 25 year old single man to a 34 year old married mother of 3 or a 57-year-old woman. My job is to improve your body on the outside and inside. I promise my clients results though progression training and tailored workout sessions."

Mike forges strong relationships with his clients because of the amount of time he spends with them and the attention each one deserves.

"I make commitments to my clients. And with those commitments comes a tremendous amount of trust. These people are confiding in me to help them better their lives. That's a huge responsibility and something I take very seriously."

Some people have referred to Mike as a "body coach" because he's always striving to provide for them the look and feel they desire.

"My relationship with a client doesn't start and end with the actual workout. No way. I speak to my clients multiple times a week through email, text, phone calls, etc. I want to know what their mental outlook is. I need to know how they're feeling after their last workout, if they've recovered properly. Is there a nagging injury I need to take into consideration while designing their next workout? What have you been eating and drinking? I want to gather as much information as I possibly can so I can provide the most successful environment possible."

  • Weight reduction
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports specific training
  • Online training
  • Pre-/post natal training
  • Group fitness training
  • Youth development
  • Injury prevention
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Consultant