Hurley Tough - Certified Personal Trainer
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Today's youths are asked to play a specific sport without any formal training. No development of core skills such as, balance&stability, strengthening & conditioning, speed & agility, injury prevention training, overall functional development. The are given a ball and told lets play and have fun which is all well and good, until these kids are getting injured now more then ever! Most kids at lacking in basic motor skills, and just because you may see you child running down the field doesn't mean they have the skill set to move properly beyond that straight line. Are their joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles strong enough to handle quick bursts, stop and go movement, change of direction without possible injury and if so how much stress can they withstand before an injury may occur. 
I will help each athlete to develop their bodies to withstand such stressors and well as progress them to reach a much HIGHER lever of play. I have gotten kids who don't start on their high school teams  to start and excel. Taking a high school kid to the next level by now playing in college with scholarship offers. Progressing college athletes to play professionally. What is your goal, what is you dreams and ambitions??