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Mike Hurley Trainer Contact me for your overall fitness assessment and evaluation, so we can get started on improving and changing the quality of your life. Turning back the hands of time or progressing to even higher levels, together we will figure out the best strategy and programdesigned to get you the results you deserve!

Mike Hurley has been a personal trainer for 30 years. His certifications include ACSM, NSPA, EFTI, ISMA, AAAI, AFPA. Mike has trained tv celebrities, professional athletes, college all-americans, ncaa champions, high school and youth development. However his greatest fulfillment comes from training the person who just wants and needs to change the quality of their life. “Every one is an in some shape or form. But his greatest satisfaction comes from training men and women who want and need a change in their lives.

Mike forges strong relationships with his clients because of the amount of time he spends with them and the attention each one deserves.

"I make commitments to my clients. And with those commitments comes a tremendous amount of trust. These people are confiding in me to help them better their lives. That's a huge responsibility and something I take very seriously."

"My relationship with a client doesn't start and end with the actual workout.I make myself easily available for any questions my clients may have pertaining to their health and fitness they know they can reach me at anytime of the day through text messages or phone calls.

Specializing In:

  • Weight reduction
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports specific training
  • Online training
  • Pre-/post natal training
  • Group fitness training
  • Youth development
  • Injury prevention
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Consultant

  • Youth Sports Development:

    Today's youths are asked to play a specific sport without any formal training. No development of core skills such as, balance & stability, strengthening & conditioning, speed & agility, injury prevention training, overall functional development. The are given a ball and told lets play and have fun which is all well and good, until these kids are getting injured now more then ever! Most kids at lacking in basic motor skills, and just because you may see you child running down the field doesn't mean they have the skill set to move properly beyond that straight line. Are their joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles strong enough to handle quick bursts, stop and go movement, change of direction without possible injury and if so how much stress can they withstand before an injury may occur.

    I will help each athlete to develop their bodies to withstand such stressors and well as progress them to reach a much HIGHER lever of play. I have gotten kids who don't start on their high school teams to start and excel. Taking a high school kid to the next level by now playing in college with scholarship offers. Progressing college athletes to play professionally. What is your goal, what is you dreams and ambitions??

    I Will Get You There!!!!

    About Mike

    Mike Hurley TrainerDuring my career I have had the opportunity to work and travel with professional athletes, collegiate, high school and youth sports, orthopedic rehab, pre-postnatal, senior programs, and TV personalities. I have worked with over 5500 members and clients assessing their needs and developing their programs as well as teaching specialty group fitness classes. I have obtained over 7 different national certifications which I believe each certification is only as good as one’s practical knowledge. I have also successfully opened 4 businesses successfully that needed individual structure and systems developed within their personal training department and group fitness program. In addition to this I’ve also helped develop sales, customer service, and membership retention skills with all employees. I have spoken in front of large groups to motivate and generate more revenue. My approach is to provide the best training structure that will yield maximum results for any circumstances.


    2007-present Owner Operator Personal Training, Instructor & Consultant Co.

    Presently Owner/Operator of Hurley Development, LLC with a base of 40plus active clients, and consulting, training and teaching specialty classes in NJ. In addition, I have written articles for Weider Publications (Muscle & Fitness Hers) and featured on MSNBC (Healthology network) a 3 part series discussing core training, dynamic stretching, and the 30minute workout.

    Personal trainer/fitness consultant for TV personalities and interviewed by NBC in reference to specific conditioning and strength training programs.

    Designed strength and condition program for High School, College athletes, Olympic, and Professional Athletes.

    Developing programs for youth athletic sports to enhance abilities and performance. As well as Injury Prevention for All ages.

    2004-2008     Club H Fitness     Hoboken, NJ & New York, NY Personal Trainer / Manager / Instructor:

    Lead team in personal training session and sales averaging 80 sessions per pay period and $12,800 in revenue per month.

    Group fitness instructor (specialty class personally designed) maximum attendance from both afternoon and evening classes.

    In charge of opening new Club H at 423 West 55th St. NY, NY handled restructuring personal training department, interviewed, hired, and trained new staff.

    Teaching, developing, and training over a dozen new personal trainers on properly designing programs for their clients and specific needs.

    Developed a new evaluation system, revenue tracking, and payroll structure brought the club to a 14% usage average in personal training.

    2002-2003     Equinox     New York, NY Personal Training Manager

    Interviewed, hired, trained new staff, tracked revenue, payroll.

    In charge of opening new Equinox club at 54 Murray St. in the Tribeca section of Manhattan, set personal training sales record and usage for a new club opening of $82,000 in personal training revenue with an entire new staff.

    Teaching, developing and training over a dozen new personal trainers on properly designing programs for their clients and specific needs.

    Taught  member retention, floor service, evaluations and programs, body comp, sub vo2  max treadmill, strength endurance, flexibility, blood pressure, and weight.

    Maintained renewals and client base.

    Conducted workshops for sales, communication skills, exercise performance, program design, the role-playing point of sale.

    1991-2002     The Forum     Bayonne, NJ Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor/Fitness Consultant

    Generated membership sales and retention.

    Strength and conditioning coach, administered specific strength training cardiovascular, and flexibility programs.

    Conducted fitness evaluation, body comp, vo2 max, b.p., and strength (body-fat %, girth measurements) endurance to assess client’s  fitness level.

    Offered basic nutritional guidelines to help client’s training

    Group fitness instructor (Choreographed specialty Boot Camp class)

    Created fun and unique promotions to increase personal training sessions and exercise adherence

    Trained professional, semi-pro, Olympic athletes (Basketball/Football)

    1. Duke-Sacramento Kings

    2. Iowa-Kansas City Chiefs

    3. Duke–USA Olympic team Pan Am Games- N.O.  Hornets NY Knicks

    1992-1998 2005-2014    Coaching Experience

    Coached high school varsity wrestling (Bayonne H.S.)

    Girl’s Track and Field (St. Dominick’s H.S., Bayonne H.S).

    Girls Soccer and Basketball (Bayonne H.S., Holy Family Academy)

    Boys Basketball (St. Anthony’s H.S.)

    Girls Club Soccer (Cranford & Union NJ)

    Certifications/Qualifications Equinox Fitness Training Institute(EFTI)/ Elite Plus Trainer “2003” International Sports Medicine Association(ISMA) “1993” National Sports Performance Association(NSPA) “1994” American Heart Association(CPR) and First Responder “1991 – Present” American Aerobic Association International(AAAI) “1993” American Fitness Professionals and Associates(AFPA) “2004” American Council on Exercise “1991” American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) “2001”

    1988-1990     Attended New Jersey City University   Jersey City, NJ Obtained credits in Anatomy/Physiology, and Business Management


    Program Design, sales, Boot-camp training with industry expert Casey Conrad, Service and Retention training with Sandy Coffman, Personal development training (Dale Carnegie, and Raving Fans), Napoleon Hill “Laws of Success Course”


    Wrestling, Basketball, Track & Field, Swimming, Soccer, Kickboxing, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Music, Aerobics, and  Reading

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